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Participation made simple

A platform for organizing activism

Zetkin is a web based platform to make participation simple, used by organizations and individual activists who participate in their work. Anyone can create a user account in Zetkin. As a Zetkin user, you can participate in work and events organized by the organizations you connect to.

  • Safe and secure
  • Focused on activists
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All an activist can need

  • Zetkin

    Become active in your organization

    If your organization is using Zetkin, all you need to do is to connect. That lets you sign up for actions, take part in phone banking and more.

  • Zetkin

    Keep track

    On "My Page" you can keep track of campaigns to take part in, what actions you've been booked on, and your assignments.

  • Zetkin

    Participate in the streets

    Sign up quickly and easily for actions on the streets of your city. Then all you need to do is show up.

  • Zetkin

    Take part in phone banking

    Help your organization reach out. Call wherever you are with the smart phone banking tools of Zetkin.

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Developed by activists

A different company, for a different society

Zetkin is developed by Zetkin Foundation – a company that works not for profit, but to radically change society in a socialist, feminist, antiracist and sustainable direction. That makes Zetkin very special.

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If your organization is working towards the same goal as Zetkin Foundation we want to help you improve your activism.

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